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Dell Vacation

January 8th, 2010 -- Posted in Children, Journal | No Comments »

My Dell laptop is going back to the factory. I am taking care of my daughters dog and she got so excited playing with the baby, she jumped up on the table and down it came breaking the lid off.

Mark had gotten me the amazing mommy repair plan. You know the one if you are a mom, it lasts for several years and covers anything because you have kids who spill, dogs who jump and life that happens. :)

I am so thankful he did too!

I can’t stop saying baby. I know most people think he is four, he is not a baby, but then there are those like me, older mothers who have done this before or mothers of only children who don’t have a second baby to compare to.  They all continue to call their four year old and older children babies. I asked some of them when they will stop and we have all agreed, when they ask, well at least in public because they always will be our babies.

There is something so sweet and amazing about watching your child grow up slowly and savoring every moment. I sometimes wish I could have been emotionally able to when I was younger, but then again, I probably wouldn’t know how amazing it is now if I hadn’t.

We have found a nice niche of friends who are in the same mindset so it all just flows so smoothly. None of the comparisons of this one is doing what and this one did that at this age and that one is already doing that… They are all just babies, playing and learning at their own pace.

I am looking at my baby next to me now ready to exercise, so off we go!

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