Facebook Post Sums It Up

I posted on my friends wall and thought it deserved its own post here.

This is about people not being accepting of others choices or lifestyles.

I get upset here and there with some of the people I encounter, and then it passes. I remind myself that I don’t want to say anything. These are people happy in their lives. They know that the information or alternatives are there, they just choose to ignore it to maintain their happiness and I don’t want to be the ones to take that away from them.

Just like when people lie, cheat and… Read More steal. I have met people who do all of those things, including to me and it isn’t that I “let them” get away with it. I figure they are at some point in their lives that only they can get themselves through, if they even want to. Most want to stay right where they are so I chalk it up to another person I meet on my path of life that I wasn’t meant to know for very long. They lose more by losing a relationship with me, support from me than I could ever lose by knowing them.

October 22 2009 09:59 pm | Journal

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  1. Nick Fatino Says:

    Very poignant. As the British would say, “spot on”. I enjoy your writings and musings. Your South Florida facebook friend, Nick

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